Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Cool Blades

Hey Peeps

So if your anything like me you'll know the struggle of trying to find a haircut that suit your face shape.
I have been thinking I'd quite like a fringe but I received an email asking me to check out a new site which has definitely made me change my mind. This is a pretty nifty site that will help you pick a hairstyle for your face shape whether that's square, round, oval, this site gives you a guideline on how to work out what face shape you are and what you should be going for.
Based on this I'm either diamond or square shaped, which are very similar in the styles and have confirmed to me I should steer clear of a fringe. The site also gives some make-up tips mainly where to contour which is pretty useful too, especially if you are a contour novice and are just starting out with contouring.
Over all a really helpful page and worth checking out. No I'm not being paid to say anything about the site I just thought it was a nifty little page I would share with you all if you are interested you can visit the site by clicking on the link.