Wednesday, 31 December 2014

the end of year post...

Hey Peeps

So yes its that time when everyone is scribbling list of new ways they can become better versions of themselves in the new year.
Yes I'm fully aware that the new year is often used as an excuse to wipe the slate of life clear and start all over again, and yes I am on of those people who will indeed be trying to better oneself in 2015. I don't necessarily want to change a great deal about myself, on the inside, but if I'm honest the outside needs a fuck tonne of work doing to it. I know we're meant to love our selves and our bodies but bugger me it's hard to love some thing as diabolically disgusting as my unruly waist line. over the last year I think I've pretty much eaten my self in to a corner of self loathing and hate rid for my body which has definitely had an impact on my mental health. So as far as 2015 is concerned my main goal is to kick my ass into a substantially and more like ably smaller box.  
Happy new year guys here's to failed goals and repeat mistakes and cake! Lots of cake!!