Monday, 13 October 2014

Primark wishlist

Rather than bore you with the multitude of cardigans I've been eying up in Primark I thought i would share with you some of the Christmasy bits and bobs I saw starting with bedding. There is always so many awesome bed sets in Primark I've really been loving woodland animals recently and have my heart set on having a pet badger for some reason I love them but these bed sets were just so tricking cute and when they're priced as low as £14 for my size I'm definitely going to pick myself up a couple

This throw is quite possibly one of the softest things I have ever felt they had quite a few different ones of these but I really loved this fairisle one I will defo be picking at least one of these up on payday. 
Following the Christmas theme they had all there xmas jumpers out and I saw this one in particular and just thought it was so cute however I don't think it would fit me but it's just super cute
2 other staples for colder months has to be the onsie and scarves I love my tartan scarf from Primark I picked up last month but they did seem to have a couple of other designs that I might have to pick up. Also this onesie has this cool batman print it was the only one I could find and doubt it would go even close but I do think it's awesome, one the wife would like also.

Last was these leggings which again I have a snowmans chance in hell of being able to fit in but how cool are these guys.

 I think I'm going through some weird third of life crisis cause normally I hate xmas but I'm loving the kitsch Christmas stuff this year!
I know it's 2 months til Christmas but I'm really starting to get into the mood for it this year oh well plenty of time to get my myself ready I guess. 
Till next week thanks for reading this post. 
Tash xx

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