Sunday, 19 October 2014

Make-up Revolution Velvet Lip Lacquers

What do you mean this is my third matte lip product review? Are you merely stating point or complaining cause, girl can never have too many matte lip products, and I just wanted to share this one with you cause for one can we just look at these shades and two their 3 quid a pop!

Umm hell yeah I'm gunna share a bargain with you all and HOLY SHIT I'm in love guys. At first I thought Black Heart was going to be at my centre stage but I can definitely state that Vamp has not left my hand bag and I've worn this one the most I love sheering it out or layering it up for a full on. I still LOVE black heart but haven't really had a good enough chance to play with this as I think it will look super stunning with a full face which at 5am (the time I've been getting up for 2 weeks) that ain't happening, but I have a week of not having to be up so early so I thought I'd take advantage and have a proper pay around with this product. So as I pre-write my posts I may include some shots of the look I've gone for.

Vamp strangely I like it as an everyday lip colour for the autumn I find it sits really nicely even with minimal other make-up. I have to reapply this maybe once or twice a day but it does wear quite nicely I may try put some hourly shots so you can see how I mean like I did for the sleek matte me and bourjois rouge velvet posts but if not meh, I still fricking love this stuff guys!

I do also have one of the MUA velvet lip lacquers which I included in my current favourites this is a very similar formular to the make-up revelution ones and if I was blindfolded I dont think I'd be able to tell the diference I have only triend the one in Reckless which is a really nice true red and I have actually worn this one with black heart for a gothic lip option.
These all set to a Matte finish (I know DOH! Really Tash) but yea they do, I have found they can get a little crumbly after a while and also if you try reapply too soon. Saying that though these are supper pigmented and yea they get crumbly but they do last a good hour or two before that happens and Their £3 guys what more do you want for £3.
Tash xx

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