Sunday, 5 October 2014

Fall beauty haul

During the past month I picked up a few beauty bits and bobs which I thought I would share with you all. 
I by no means needed a new make-up bag but I couldn't resist this super cute bambi make-up bag from primark for £3.
I also decided to try out some of the make-up revolution range and well I have to say I'm not disappointed with these 
First up was these eye shadows in Insomnia, Naive, illuminate, I remember and Hung up just £1.50 each. I really like these the colours are really nice and I'm in love with Insomnia its become one of my everyday eye shadows. 
 Next up I picked up some of these Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers they're a liquid lipstick that dries matte and lasts fricking ages I love them.

I think these 3 in particular are going to be strong favourites for me this fall.
Next I picked up this brow gel from Technics in dark for £1.99, again I really like it. its got a really small wand so its ideal for getting close into your brows. 
I got this cute as little stippling brush from primark I thought it would be ideal for contouring, powdering under my eyes I think it will just be a good little brush to have and it was only £1.50
I actually found these Revlon parfumerie nail polishes in the pound-shop, so of course I had to grab them I love moonlit wood it's a beautiful purple with a silver shimmer to it and it smells amazing when its dried, I literally couldn't stop smelling my nail with this stuff on. Espresso on the other hand although its a really good black polish it smells like rotten meat or dog vomit (yes that specific) it's disgusting I found myself rubbing hand-cream into my nails just to try make them bearable. But these are pretty good polishes and I would pick up more even if they can smell like crap.

That's everything I wanted to include in this post. There were a couple of other bits as you can tell from the photo, but these are items I've coed about in my September favourites so if your interested in those you'll have to check out my favourites post.
Hope you've enjoyed this post, leave me a comment letting me know what you've been buying for fall and I will speak to you all again soon.
Tash xx

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