Sunday, 12 October 2014

Current Favorites

I cant believe its October already, I thought it was time to share with you all some of the things I have been loving over the last month or so. These have been sure stead favourites of mine.
First, is this macadamia oil extract conditioner, this is a super thick conitioner that leaves my hair feeling super soft. I love using this as a mask as it is super rich and nourishing for my hair and it was only a pound! That's right this was only a pound, I found this in the pound shop and I'm so glad I picked it up I love it!

I picked up this shower gel on a whim I basically just needed some as I'd managed to run out and it was just ideally placed in ASDA.

I love rhubarb and custard sweets and holy crap this stuff smells just like the sweets its like having a shower in a sweet shop.
During the hotter months I tend not to wear too much make-up. So since its become a little cooler I've been wearing more and recently dug out this little beauty my Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo in Permanent taupe. I love this for my eyebrows I think its a perfect colour for me as I like my brows quite strong going into fall.
As fall/Autumn approaches I find my self wearing lip colour and usually I go for more red/berry tones, This MUA LUXE velvet lip lacquer in reckless has had a staple place in my make-up bag recently. I love this colour, it's a really nice deep red on me. This lasts so long I love it I've said it before but I hate reapplying lippy this is so easy as it drys matte and lasts a good 3 hours before needing touching up.  
I decided to pick up the Real Techniques Miracle sponge as I had seen so many good reviews at the time I was using the Body shops All-in-one bb cream and was using a cheaper version of the beauty blender which worked OK but when I went back to a liquid foundation I found that my usual sponge was lacking. The miracle sponge is amazing it leaves my foundation looking amazing, I love using the pointed end to apply my powder under my eyes its so versatile I love it and would recommend it to everyone.
Moving on to a skincare item I have been loving this last month, is this argan oil night repair serum. This stuff smells amazing  It has an incredibly rich feel to it, it smooths over my skin leaving it feeling amazingly soft. Love this!!
I've recently fallen back in love with dark nails after months of wearing nude, predominantly Model's Own Utopia. When I saw this colour there was just a light went on and I've got to say I gushed over it. I've not had a nail polish this colour before although it does remind me of an OPI polish I've lusted after before Mrs O'Leary's BBQ. I'm not sure if swatched next to each other they would be the same but looking at it in photos I'd say its very similar and only 99p you can't grumble. I love the Technic's nail polishes as they're really good and opaque and have a good lasting power mines been on 5 days ad for me that's really good.
My Last favourite is probably going to seem very strange. It is of course my e-cig. I started smoking when I was about 16 and have either not been able to or not really wanted to stop if I'm honest. I'd heard a bit about the e-cigs and know lots of people that use them.
I particularly liked the idea of still having that "smoker" status but having more pleasant flavour than an actual cig as well, I hate the taste of cigarettes and this just makes life so much easier and is so much cheaper than actual smoking, plus it allows me to have awesome flavours like double apple which tastes like apple sours my favourite tasting thing ever! 
Ok so that's everything again I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for reading this far I know its quite a long one so yea thanks for that.
Love you all
Tash xx

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  1. That shower gel sounds heavenly ! Im using a Pina Colada fragrance one right now and its delicious :) Im also dying to try this MUA lip lacquers ! Ill have to invest in one soon :)
    Sprinkles & Ink