Saturday, 17 May 2014

My glasses arrived!

Hey peeps.
So in my last I was waiting my my new glasses to arrive and they have. I am so happy with them only the Phyllis glasses have arrived and I love them! They are awesome the lenses are perfect they match my prescription and I can see so clearly with them. I love the shape of them and I think they suit me and my face shape. I am so happy with them and they arrived really quickly in my opinion for an overseas sender.
So these are they are and I love them 
They are awesome! And the site I got them also offers 50% off your frames for your fist order so these were a real steal they were just $39 dollars to begin with so for $19.50 you can't go wrong and they are really good quality. The site is if your after a new pair of glasses id definitely recommend checking them out.  I'm glad I did.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

New Speccies...

Hey-ho Peeps,

For the longest time I've wanted cat-eye glasses but not wanted to fork out the price tag that goes with them, recently while scrolling through the world wide webby thing I stumbled across a site called this is a glasses company based in the america. I was skeptical to order new glasses on line as i'm not 100% confident understanding the prescription there's far to many numbers for my liking but I couldn't resists the chance of a bargain and especially when it comes to glasses. So I thought I would take full advantage of the exchange rate and their 50% off your first order, Who wouldn't? add to this the fact that the frames I wanted were only $39 I really couldn't say no.


These are the frames I went for, they're very similar to a pair of costume glasses I've had for a while but they have no lenses in them so have just been lurking around, I've thought of getting lenses for them but have found that having lenses put in them to be a little pricey to say the least so when I saw these I jumped at the chance.

The website has a "try-on" feature so you can upload a photo to see how they would look on.
Photo: Thinking of getting these glasses what we think? Do they suit me? #glasses #cateye

So this is the try-on image of how they should look on I really like the shape of these and think they will compliment my face shape and I love the retro vibe of them.

I also picked a second pair to take full advantage of the 50% off offer and chose these ones which are very similar shape but are purple as I thought they would look good with my hair as I've been  dying it a deep purple colour recently.
Margie - Full Rim Cat Eye


These are very similar to the Phyllis glasses, but a different colour I like these which were just £29. I think they're cool and pretty funky and also I have hazel eyes and purple is meant to compliment my eyes, OK that wasn't really the reason I wanted these it was just I just thought they were cool and reminded me of Dame Edna, and for $29 who could refuse.
The delivery for these is estimated as 8-12 days costing just $9.95 which I don't think is too unreasonable for shipping from USA to the UK.
For both pairs plus lenses and delivery the total came to just £26.99 which you cant deny is a cracking bargain, all being well and they have the correct lenses and arrive in good time I will write a review on the
 glasses themselves but for now I cant wait for them to arrive to see what they actually look like on and if I can see through them as I said I'm not 100% sure I understand the prescriptions they give you at the opticians so hopefully i'll have gotten it right.
So until then.