Wednesday, 31 December 2014

the end of year post...

Hey Peeps

So yes its that time when everyone is scribbling list of new ways they can become better versions of themselves in the new year.
Yes I'm fully aware that the new year is often used as an excuse to wipe the slate of life clear and start all over again, and yes I am on of those people who will indeed be trying to better oneself in 2015. I don't necessarily want to change a great deal about myself, on the inside, but if I'm honest the outside needs a fuck tonne of work doing to it. I know we're meant to love our selves and our bodies but bugger me it's hard to love some thing as diabolically disgusting as my unruly waist line. over the last year I think I've pretty much eaten my self in to a corner of self loathing and hate rid for my body which has definitely had an impact on my mental health. So as far as 2015 is concerned my main goal is to kick my ass into a substantially and more like ably smaller box.  
Happy new year guys here's to failed goals and repeat mistakes and cake! Lots of cake!!

Monday, 24 November 2014

Nomming.... Ben & Jerry's Minter Wonderland

No this is not a beauty related post. I'm not about to tell you the beauty benefits of Ice cream which I have no idea if there are any.
image courtesy of 
I have to admit I do have a soft spot for the odd tub of b&j I usually go for cookie dough. Currently in Morrison's they have a special offer of half price on Ben & Jerry's and in amongst the usual flavours I spotted this one. I'm not usually a fan of mint ice cream I used to love mint choc chip ice cream but haven't had it for years.
image courtesy of I ate all mine before I could think about photographing it lol
Ok so this is exactly what it says on the tim mint ice cream with chocolately chunks. Ben & Jerry's always has really nice flavours and this one is no different, it's not too minty it's peppermint which never really is. It's is like tucking into a box of after eights. I couldn't tell if the chocolate was also minty but it was really tasty it doesn't say anywhere wether its dark or milk but I'm pretty sure it was milk chocolate.

I love Ben & Jerry's Ice cream and this one is back for the festive period so I can see myself grabbing a few more before the festive period is over cause it is delicious and fair trade so not all bad.

Hope you liked this post I know its a little different to what I usually upload but you know I fancied a change. Leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts and suggestions.

Tash xx

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Depression and Anxiety...

I've been debating writing a post like this for a while, you may have read a post a while ago, it has now been deleted relating to this subject. I deleted it as it was too personal and found that it was actually rather upsetting to some very important people to me. Due to the increasing awareness around this topic I thought I would readdress the subject, hopefully in a less crude manner, (however crude may as well be my middle name, I'm not one for sugar coating, unless of course its edible).

So where to begin, ok well, I have suffered with depression for over 20 years. I say over 20 years as I'm pretty certain that even prior to the obvious triggers, I displayed signs of depression that and the fact that I was bullied for years before. Anyway lets just say that for a long time now I have been dealing with depression, which I have to be honest I have not dealt with very well over the years but as they say you learn from your mistakes. As well as depression I've also been coping with anxiety for probably just as long, both stress anxiety and social anxiety. This has made coping with everyday life difficult and sometimes less than enjoyable. I have missed out on many opportunities because of my illness, had disturbing thought of killing myself and harming both my self and others, I have pushed people away out of fear and I have harmed myself and still feel the need to harm myself. I have erratic mood swings and emotional outbursts. 
I'm aware that I'm not cured as this is an illness with no "cure", but I feel I have learnt to manage and recognise my triggers, I know what upsets me and although I still try to avoid putting my self in the situations that are triggers I do put my self in them to try and better deal with them and understand that the world is actually not as scary as it is in my head. And you know what it really isn't that's the problem. The world is a very ordinary place supposedly still doesn't make it scary lots of things we're scared of are the dark, dogs, snakes, fish, flying  but we still do.

Ok so why the decision for this post I've seen posts helping people cope with mental illness and as much as I am not wanting to give anyone advice more than a what not to do. I also want people to know that not coping well with an illness is just bad. Unfortunately for my self I dislike talking about my issues and feelings to medical professionals and I have tried getting help from my doctor and have seen therapists but I find them to have been patronising and antagonise my stress points so I gave up on those a long time ago I find doctors more supportive with infections and the like rather than anything they cant see. I'm not saying that you shouldn't go to the doctors about this sort of thing infact the opposite i'm saying you should and hopefully you wont discover that you have anger management issues the hard way. See a specialist, fight to see a specialist don't find your self at 30 something still struggling to cope with a basically horribly underrated illness.

I want to share with you some of the things I wished I'd done sooner.
1. Spoken to someone, wether it was a friend, teacher, or even a doctor when I 1st started having depressing thoughts.

2. Researched or had the resources too (yes when I was young the internet was very limited).

3. There are plenty of charities out there that specialise in mental illness and mental health that you can approach anonymously if you need, that are there to help, people like mind, sane, samaritans, childline (if your young like I was).

4. Know that you are NOT alone I know that the symptoms of depression are a feeling of isolation but there are hundreds if not millions who have some form of mental health problems apparently 1 in 4 people either suffer or know someone who suffers from mental health issues. I do feel that that statistic may be slightly out of date as I'm certain at some point in all our lives we have had or will have some form of mental health issue, due to the increasing stresses that are imposed on us in everyday life.

5. If you do decide to go it alone, I know sometimes the thought of interacting with other people can be daunting, but there are to put it mildly a fuck tonne of "self help" options out there, from books, apps, websites, teas, candles. I sometimes find that even just going to my room and putting my favourite songs on or watching  my favourite videos.

 I hope if you read this have any issues surrounding depression or mental health you found it helpful please feel free to leave me a comment with your thoughts or email me directly my emails available on the about me page. And remember your not alone in being alone.


Saturday, 8 November 2014

About Me Tag!!


For this weeks post I thought I'd do a tag to give you the chance to get to know me a bit better as I'm not entirely sure I've ever done anything like this before so I hope you like this, please leave me a comment if you would like me to do any other tag posts or to let me know what you would like to see. Enjoy...
Vital Statistics:
Me: Natasha
Nicknames: Tash, Tasha, Prew, Prewbear
Birthday: 26th February 1984 (I'm so old!)
Place of Birth: Ashton Under Lyne, Greater Manchester
Zodiac Sign: Picies
Male or Female: Female
Occupation: Client Services Representative
Residence: West Yorkshire
Screen Name: Tashprew

Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Length: Long
Eye colour: Hazel
Best Feature: Eyes
Height: 6ft
Braces?: Never.
Glasses?: Yep
Piercing: Yes, I've had my ears pierced 5 times, now I just wear 16mm plugs in my bottom hole (of my ear) but I'm tempted to stretch my second holes back up to either 5 or 6mm, I also have my tragus and rook (is it the bit inside my ear at the back, fk knows), my septum, labret and that's about it.
Tattoos: I have 3, a tache on my finger, dragon on my wrist and batman symbol on my neck
Righty or Lefty: Lefty

Your 'Firsts':
First best friend: My first real best friend was Kerri Smith at High School
First Award: Genuinely thinking about it I cant remember ever winning anything…How sad is that!
First Sport You Joined: I used to go to tap and ballet when I was a kid but I was a proper chunk so it didn't last long :(
First Real Vacation: France… I think.
First Concert: I don't think I've ever been to a proper concert but my first festival was Creamfields 2009.
First Love: My first real love I would have to say is John, apparently I do everything 10 years late as I met John at 25

Movie: Black Christmas and Frozen
TV Show: any thing crime solving related like N.C.I.S, Murdoch mysteries, Rizolli and Isles
Colours: oxblood
Song: "Sexy and I know it" LMFAO and "Shake it off" Taylor Swift
Candy: Um… I don't really have a favourite I tend to just eat any.
Restaurant: I don't eat out that much I'm not a fan of public eating places
Store: Primark I guess
School: I wasn't a fan of school I preferred college if anything
Book: The Crossed, not technically a book more a graphic novel, but I'm not a big fan of reading.
Magazine: Glamour, although don't ask me when the last time I got one was.
Shoes: Anything flat and comfy

Feeling: been feeling rather depressed and anxious a lot recently
Single or Taken: Taken
Eating: just eat burger, curly fries and cheesy jalepino bites.
Typing: This
Online: actually as I write this no, I tend to write my posts in textedit then upload them once I've done.
Listening To: John playing destiny, 
Thinking About: The answer to these questions.
Wanting: My back to stop hurting :(
Watching: John play destiny
Wearing: Leggings and a jumper

Want Children?: Big fat no to that one!
Want to be Married: Someday maybe but I'm happily in a common marriage.
Careers in Mind: Probably customer services
Where do you want to live?: a detached house in a nice suburbia area.

Have you ever:
Kissed a Stranger: Definitely Yes.
Had Alcohol: Yep, and lots of it, but I rarely dink now.
Smoked: Yes, I smoked for about 14 years but swapped over to an e-cig in july 2014.
Ran Away From Home: No, I've stormed off from home a few times though.
Broken a bone: Yes, my wrist and my foot.
Got an X-ray: Yes lots 
Broken Someone's Heart: Doubtful.
Broke Up With Someone: No
Cried When Someone Died: Yes
Cried At School: Yes

Do You Believe In:
God: No
Miracles: No
Love At First sight: Yes, John is my shining example of Love at first sight.
Ghosts: Yes
Aliens: Maybe
Soul Mates: Yes
Heaven: Yes
Hell: Yes
Kissing on The First Date: Yes and whenever the moment takes you!
Yourself: A lot less than I should.

Tash xx

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Make-up Revolution Velvet Lip Lacquers

What do you mean this is my third matte lip product review? Are you merely stating point or complaining cause, girl can never have too many matte lip products, and I just wanted to share this one with you cause for one can we just look at these shades and two their 3 quid a pop!

Umm hell yeah I'm gunna share a bargain with you all and HOLY SHIT I'm in love guys. At first I thought Black Heart was going to be at my centre stage but I can definitely state that Vamp has not left my hand bag and I've worn this one the most I love sheering it out or layering it up for a full on. I still LOVE black heart but haven't really had a good enough chance to play with this as I think it will look super stunning with a full face which at 5am (the time I've been getting up for 2 weeks) that ain't happening, but I have a week of not having to be up so early so I thought I'd take advantage and have a proper pay around with this product. So as I pre-write my posts I may include some shots of the look I've gone for.

Vamp strangely I like it as an everyday lip colour for the autumn I find it sits really nicely even with minimal other make-up. I have to reapply this maybe once or twice a day but it does wear quite nicely I may try put some hourly shots so you can see how I mean like I did for the sleek matte me and bourjois rouge velvet posts but if not meh, I still fricking love this stuff guys!

I do also have one of the MUA velvet lip lacquers which I included in my current favourites this is a very similar formular to the make-up revelution ones and if I was blindfolded I dont think I'd be able to tell the diference I have only triend the one in Reckless which is a really nice true red and I have actually worn this one with black heart for a gothic lip option.
These all set to a Matte finish (I know DOH! Really Tash) but yea they do, I have found they can get a little crumbly after a while and also if you try reapply too soon. Saying that though these are supper pigmented and yea they get crumbly but they do last a good hour or two before that happens and Their £3 guys what more do you want for £3.
Tash xx

Monday, 13 October 2014

Primark wishlist

Rather than bore you with the multitude of cardigans I've been eying up in Primark I thought i would share with you some of the Christmasy bits and bobs I saw starting with bedding. There is always so many awesome bed sets in Primark I've really been loving woodland animals recently and have my heart set on having a pet badger for some reason I love them but these bed sets were just so tricking cute and when they're priced as low as £14 for my size I'm definitely going to pick myself up a couple

This throw is quite possibly one of the softest things I have ever felt they had quite a few different ones of these but I really loved this fairisle one I will defo be picking at least one of these up on payday. 
Following the Christmas theme they had all there xmas jumpers out and I saw this one in particular and just thought it was so cute however I don't think it would fit me but it's just super cute
2 other staples for colder months has to be the onsie and scarves I love my tartan scarf from Primark I picked up last month but they did seem to have a couple of other designs that I might have to pick up. Also this onesie has this cool batman print it was the only one I could find and doubt it would go even close but I do think it's awesome, one the wife would like also.

Last was these leggings which again I have a snowmans chance in hell of being able to fit in but how cool are these guys.

 I think I'm going through some weird third of life crisis cause normally I hate xmas but I'm loving the kitsch Christmas stuff this year!
I know it's 2 months til Christmas but I'm really starting to get into the mood for it this year oh well plenty of time to get my myself ready I guess. 
Till next week thanks for reading this post. 
Tash xx

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Current Favorites

I cant believe its October already, I thought it was time to share with you all some of the things I have been loving over the last month or so. These have been sure stead favourites of mine.
First, is this macadamia oil extract conditioner, this is a super thick conitioner that leaves my hair feeling super soft. I love using this as a mask as it is super rich and nourishing for my hair and it was only a pound! That's right this was only a pound, I found this in the pound shop and I'm so glad I picked it up I love it!

I picked up this shower gel on a whim I basically just needed some as I'd managed to run out and it was just ideally placed in ASDA.

I love rhubarb and custard sweets and holy crap this stuff smells just like the sweets its like having a shower in a sweet shop.
During the hotter months I tend not to wear too much make-up. So since its become a little cooler I've been wearing more and recently dug out this little beauty my Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo in Permanent taupe. I love this for my eyebrows I think its a perfect colour for me as I like my brows quite strong going into fall.
As fall/Autumn approaches I find my self wearing lip colour and usually I go for more red/berry tones, This MUA LUXE velvet lip lacquer in reckless has had a staple place in my make-up bag recently. I love this colour, it's a really nice deep red on me. This lasts so long I love it I've said it before but I hate reapplying lippy this is so easy as it drys matte and lasts a good 3 hours before needing touching up.  
I decided to pick up the Real Techniques Miracle sponge as I had seen so many good reviews at the time I was using the Body shops All-in-one bb cream and was using a cheaper version of the beauty blender which worked OK but when I went back to a liquid foundation I found that my usual sponge was lacking. The miracle sponge is amazing it leaves my foundation looking amazing, I love using the pointed end to apply my powder under my eyes its so versatile I love it and would recommend it to everyone.
Moving on to a skincare item I have been loving this last month, is this argan oil night repair serum. This stuff smells amazing  It has an incredibly rich feel to it, it smooths over my skin leaving it feeling amazingly soft. Love this!!
I've recently fallen back in love with dark nails after months of wearing nude, predominantly Model's Own Utopia. When I saw this colour there was just a light went on and I've got to say I gushed over it. I've not had a nail polish this colour before although it does remind me of an OPI polish I've lusted after before Mrs O'Leary's BBQ. I'm not sure if swatched next to each other they would be the same but looking at it in photos I'd say its very similar and only 99p you can't grumble. I love the Technic's nail polishes as they're really good and opaque and have a good lasting power mines been on 5 days ad for me that's really good.
My Last favourite is probably going to seem very strange. It is of course my e-cig. I started smoking when I was about 16 and have either not been able to or not really wanted to stop if I'm honest. I'd heard a bit about the e-cigs and know lots of people that use them.
I particularly liked the idea of still having that "smoker" status but having more pleasant flavour than an actual cig as well, I hate the taste of cigarettes and this just makes life so much easier and is so much cheaper than actual smoking, plus it allows me to have awesome flavours like double apple which tastes like apple sours my favourite tasting thing ever! 
Ok so that's everything again I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for reading this far I know its quite a long one so yea thanks for that.
Love you all
Tash xx

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Fall beauty haul

During the past month I picked up a few beauty bits and bobs which I thought I would share with you all. 
I by no means needed a new make-up bag but I couldn't resist this super cute bambi make-up bag from primark for £3.
I also decided to try out some of the make-up revolution range and well I have to say I'm not disappointed with these 
First up was these eye shadows in Insomnia, Naive, illuminate, I remember and Hung up just £1.50 each. I really like these the colours are really nice and I'm in love with Insomnia its become one of my everyday eye shadows. 
 Next up I picked up some of these Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers they're a liquid lipstick that dries matte and lasts fricking ages I love them.

I think these 3 in particular are going to be strong favourites for me this fall.
Next I picked up this brow gel from Technics in dark for £1.99, again I really like it. its got a really small wand so its ideal for getting close into your brows. 
I got this cute as little stippling brush from primark I thought it would be ideal for contouring, powdering under my eyes I think it will just be a good little brush to have and it was only £1.50
I actually found these Revlon parfumerie nail polishes in the pound-shop, so of course I had to grab them I love moonlit wood it's a beautiful purple with a silver shimmer to it and it smells amazing when its dried, I literally couldn't stop smelling my nail with this stuff on. Espresso on the other hand although its a really good black polish it smells like rotten meat or dog vomit (yes that specific) it's disgusting I found myself rubbing hand-cream into my nails just to try make them bearable. But these are pretty good polishes and I would pick up more even if they can smell like crap.

That's everything I wanted to include in this post. There were a couple of other bits as you can tell from the photo, but these are items I've coed about in my September favourites so if your interested in those you'll have to check out my favourites post.
Hope you've enjoyed this post, leave me a comment letting me know what you've been buying for fall and I will speak to you all again soon.
Tash xx

Monday, 29 September 2014

Fall Clothing Haul.

September is slowly coming to an end and Autumn is upon us, I have to say this is my favourite time of year. I am literally so excited for fall, Halloween and the colder coming months. I've recently picked up a few pieces for my autumn wardrobe to take me through the colder months, so I thought I would share with you a few of the key pieces that I've picked up recently.
The first place I've been heading towards is primark I love their cardigans as I pretty much live in a cardigan all year round and wanted some warmer ones while its not quite coat weather yet.

Primark Mohair Cardigan 
 I've seen so many people wearing mohair cardigans particularly in black I decided to pick this grey marl version it is literally the softest fricking thing I have ever worn, plus it really reminds me of the fur from ware-wolf mask, OK I know that seems weird but to me that makes it all the more cosy. I think I may have to get the black one as well its that cosy I'm going to get so much wear out of this I can tell. I cant remember exactly how much it was either £8 or £12 pounds as I took the tag off and put it straight on, its that soft dude!

 Pirmark Aztec print Bat wing style cardigan

This cardigan is more of  a heavy knit than the other cardigan and looks really nice on, I really like this aztec style I think it will look really nice with my style I wear alot of black and I think this will complement that and add a bit more dimension to any outfit.

I've been wearing skater dresses as standard recently, I thought I would pick up a couple more, cause, well, you can never have too many skater dresses right. I picked these 2 up from ebay and I'm really impressed they arrived supper quick and feel really good quality and are a really good fit.

I went for this 3/4 sleeve black and grey stripe one first of all as I thought it was really pretty and strips are always popular any time of year.  
Black Skater dress
 This is a short sleeve skater, I know short sleeves aren't very season appropriate but I get super warm and sometimes short sleeves are better for me as I wear cardigans all the time.

Ok so no haul from me would be complete without at least one pair of shoes and well I got 2.

Primark Cleated "Doc" Style Brogues
I have been obsessed with these shoes since I saw them in Kassia Poh's primark haul video. I wasn't going to get them as they were a little tight but I couldn't NOT get them. I love them so much. They do pinch my toes a little but I can work around that and for the rest of my feet they're actually quite comfy, I just have really odd shape feet. I think these will be really great for the colder months as the cleated soles will give so much more grip when its frosty and even snowy as I'm always so scared of falling over I dont think I'll be tumbling over as much in these.

Redtag Baseball pumps
I've been tooing and frowing about getting some white baseball pumps, I'm really glad I did though I can see me getting a whole lot of wear out of these I think their so versatile and go with everything.
Thats all the' clothing bits I've bits I've picked up recently for autumn/ fall what ever you want to call it. I hope you liked this post if you'd like to a fall beauty/ accessories haul let me know in the comments and I can get one up for you as I've bought a few new accessory bits recently.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Nothing but the tooth...

For about 2 weeks I've had the worse toothache so bad at one point I thought I was going to faint, yesterday I finally bit the bullet so to speak and went to the dentist, I fricking hate dentists I don't know why but I'm not a fan. They pulled my tooth and OMFG what a relief although it has still left me in pain.
So last night having taken enough painkillers to sink a small donkey... I couldn't sleep for shit which is so unlike me, I ended on getting up and having another coffee finally made to sleep at about half 1, a whole 3 and a half hours after my bedtime (yes I'm that cool I'm in bed for 9 on a Friday!). 
This morning I've waken up and I can definitely say any pain relief has worn off, I feel today shaping up to be a lazy day.I decided to utilise my time and decided I needed a change of scenery, hope you all like it, it took a lot longer than I hoped thanks to my little friend, yep chuck decided I was far to comfy and well this happened! 

I think I've done pretty well, I really like the look of blog now it looks more together, I feel like before it was a little mishmash. I like it! 
What do you guys think? 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lip Colours

Hey-ho Peeps.

I mentioned this product in my Sleek Matte Me post, in that post I was unsure whether or not to buy the bourjois rouge edition as they were £8.99. I have to admit I couldn't resist and Superdrug had them on offer so I decided to pick the 2 had been particularly eyeing up.

I decided to pick up ole flamingo and nude-ist. Ole Flamingo is this beautiful bright pink it looks similar to the Sleek matte me Fanango Purple but is alot less blue toned, and Nude-ist is very much a your lips but better nude.Compared to the Matte me these are aot more balmy and are definatley more like lip glosses, but they do have a fair bit of staying power although I would say I prefer the wear of Sleeks lip cream.
Ole Flamingo

As I said their very balmy and dont seem to set as well on the lips as the Sleek ones but I've given them all a fair trail as with my Sleek post I've tried the same thing with these so you can see how they wear and over how long.


Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sleek matte me

Hey-ho peeps

I love a bold lip wether it's a purple or a red I think a statement lip colour looks fab especially when your eyes are shielded behind glasses. I've previously struggled though when it comes to finding a lip product that lasts more than 5 minutes and doesn't transfer off as soon as I have a not so cheeky fag. 
I've seen a lot about the new bourjois rouge edition velvet liquid lipsticks but at £8 in store I wasn't too keen to run out and by any just incase they weren't up to the challenge of staying put on a coffe guzzling smoker so when I saw sleeks similar version of liquid matte me  lip colours I thought I'd give it a whirl and I'm really glad I did. 

I opted for this bright pinky purple shade called fandango purple, it applys really nicely and despite what I've read I find that it goes on really smoothly and evenly. I love the colour I think it's a really great bright shade for summer and boy does it last I'd say I can get a good 3/4 hours out of this product without having to reapply.

 It can transfer a little if I've licked my lips or if I have anything to drink but saying that I'm super impressed with this product and will definitely be getting some more of these I may even try the bourjois ones or the make-up revolution version to compare if they can last any longer but either way this has to be my favourite lip product by far.