Thursday, 3 October 2013

£1 Argon Oil Conditioning Hair Mask

Hey- ho Peeps.

Now when it comes to my hair I'm grasping at straws literally my hair is not at its best and is in real need of a trim but with a particular dislike of hair dresser i've been trying to hold it off by using different products to try make it feel a bit healthier this month I've been using this argon hydrating hair mask.

This is a super thick conditioning mask for your hair I use this maybe once or twice a week, I'll wash my hair as normal then put a thick coat of this in my end especially as its been bleached its very coarse so needs the extra TLC. I really like this mask it smells really nice and makes my hair feel super moisturised (its still coarse but that's more due to needing a chop). I've also noticed its not as frizzy as it had started looking a little Monica-ish (you know the look I mean), it now feels more sleek and just generally nicer than before. And its only a pound so that's an added bonus.



  1. Where did you get this from? I could do with some now I'm back blonde :) xx