Saturday, 7 September 2013

Weekly Nail Routine.

Hey-ho Twiddly Peeps,

So I've recently been trying to keep to a weekly nail routine to keep my nails looking strong and healthy. For years I used to bite my nails and they were always really weak and used to break all the time so I wanted to start looking after my nails, so this is how I take care of my nails...

Step 1.
Firstly I make sure my hands are nice and clean so I'll usually give myself a manicure after I've been in the bath.

Step 2.
Next up is sorting out my cuticles, for this I use the Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover which is a really awesome product you put it on your cuticles and it more or less dissolves them in a matter of seconds. Then all you need do is push them back with a orange stick after a about 20 second.

Step 3.
For me, even once I've used the cuticle remover I like to go back in with a pair of cuticle clippers and just remove any loose bits and tidy up my cuticles if they need it, and then push them back again using the orange stick.
At this point I'll give my hands a quick wash just to clean them up again.

Step 4.
Is trimming my nails, I like my nail short and squared so I use a straight nail clipper mine is an acrylic nail cutter but I find it the best for trimming my nails it also means my nails are all the same length. Once my nails are trimmed I give them a quick file so there's no sharp edges and just to neaten them up.

Step 5.
So now my nails are shaped and filed I give them a wipe down with a cotton pad soaked with nail varnish remover to dehydrate the nail in preparation for painting them. Now what ever colour I'm painting my nails I always use a nail treatment my favourite has to be O.P.I Nail Envy, but I also use the Sally Hansen continuous growth treatment.

Now my nails are prepped and primed ready for me to paint them pretty colours.

Ok so thats basically all I do with my nails. Hope this post gave you some tips on how to keep your nails pretty.



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