Saturday, 21 September 2013

Simple Day to Night Make-up Look.

Hey-ho Peeps,

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So today I'm going to show you 2 really easy makeup looks one for day and then an adjusted day look to take you into a night time look. Now I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that i'm no make-up artist but I'd like to think I've picked up a few things over my make-up wearing years.

So to begin with I use my trusty primer, I use this one from W7, this stuff helps even out my skin and my make-up stay on  longer. Next is foundation I've really been loving this one from Miss Sporty its a medium coverage matte finish and it leave my skin looking pretty floor less I use the foundation brush to buff it into my skin to give an even coverage. I then go in with Concealer for under my eyes I use this one from maybelline its a pretty good dupe for the YSL touche a clate concealer and has a nifty little brush for easy application and I use my Collection Lasting Perfection for any blemishes. I blend all that out with the brush I used to apply my foundation. I'll also dust over some powder with a stipling brush just to seal the make-up.

Once my base is done I move on to eyebrows and fill them in using a matte brown shadow and angled brush.

For eyes I like a natural eye for the day time, I generally go for a cream shadow over my lid these 2 are my current favorites, these great and quick to apply and blend out either with a brush or your finger. I like to apply a thin liner on my top lash just to make my lashes stand out. I've also applied a nude eyeliner to my lower lash line to make my eyes look bigger and more awake and finish of a couple of coats of mascara.

On cheeks I lightly contour my cheeks with the bourjois bronzing powder and lightly blend my blusher on the apples of my cheeks with the same brush.

Lips I love a bold lip but for a more day time look I'd go for something like a tinted balm like the maybelline baby lips in cherry me.

And there you have it my finished day time look.

To transform this into a night time look I first touch up under my eyes to stop me looking tired from a hard day of being fabulous. I then want to smoke up my eyes by adding some more depth to do this I used the MUA colour stick from earlier and the Maybelline colour tattoo and just blended that out to add a smokey effect to my eyes I then want to make my eyes stand out so I'm going to thicken the eyeliner on my top lash line and also add some black liner to my lower lash line and blend that out. I've also touched up the cheeked and gone a little heavier on the contouring and touched up the blusher and added a highlighter to my cheeks to add a little shimmer. Lastly lips I've opted for my current favourite Rimmel Apocolips in Galaxy a lovely plummy colour  ideal for fall.

Ok peeps thats the completed night look, why not check out the tutorial I did on YouTube here. Let me know down below what else you guys would like to see and until next time...



Saturday, 14 September 2013

Payday Wishlist: Autumn Edition.

Hey-ho Twiddly-Peeps.

I thought I'd share with you some of the things I'm currently lusting after now that Autumn is finally here. I love this time of year not just because Halloween is around the corner but I love the colours of autumn and this year I'm really excited to add a few key pieces to my autumn arsenal.

For Fashion I am Loving tartan at the moment and I've found 3 variations that I'm especially loving...

All these pieces are from asos curve and I love all of them.
Asos tartan dress £42 I can imagine wearing this dress with some cute chelsea Boots or a pair of wellies with knee socks paired with a oversized cardigan for a cute casual autumn outfit.
Asos Tartan Jumper £45 this I really like styled with the leather effect skirt but could also imagine it looking really nice with something like a pair of disco pants and a heel and a clutch for a night out or again with a flat boot and a satchel for an everyday casual look.
Asos Tartan Coat £85 This just looks like a cosy option for those colder autumn days possibly when its raining with a simple outfit something like a long tee and black midi or with leggings or disco pants (I wish I could wear Disco Pants) with a pair of converse and bag.

So for Autumn I like to wear a cute pair of boots and these are my top 2 picks, left is a brogue chelsea boot from new look for just £27.99 and the right a pair of Aldo buckle ankle boots for £90.

Sticking with a red kind of theme from the tartan, I've recently gotten in to the red tonal make-up thats been trending at the moment
Top left Coppering, right Passionate
Bottom left Handwritten, right Antiqued

Ok first of all is these mac shadows, I'm loving these shades at the moment and think they make an awesome quad for autumn and you could create so many different looks with these, I think they're beautiful!

Maybelline colour tattoo in Metalic Pomegranate
Sleek blush by 3 in Sugar
I love the maybelline colour tattoo cream shadows they're great as a base for your shadows or on there own and I think this is just a perfect colour for autumn.
These sleek blushers are just to amazing I love these colours and need this product in my life I think sleek blushers are fantastic anyway but I can just see my self rocking these shades in the colder months.

Cyber, Hang-up and Just a bite
Last up then on my autumn wishlists is lipstick its this time of year that I especially love Plum lips I love the dark rich shades and I've found 3 in particular I'm really lusting for from MAC and they are these beautie.

Hope you liked my picks leave a comment down below letting me know your autumn picks and until next time...



Monday, 9 September 2013

Updated: everyday make-up routine

Hey-Ho Twiddly-peeps,

Recently I've had a bit of a change up of my daily make-up, so I thought I would share it with you guys in my updated everyday make-up routine video.

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Products Used:

1.W7 Face Primer.
This is a gel formulated primer, I really like this as it leaves my face feeling velvety and smooth. I've also noticed my make-up lasts so much longer when I use this product, I'd recommend this esp if your looking for a low cost primer.

2. Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay Foundation in 001 Light.
I've only been using this foundation for about a week or so and I have to say its a great foundation, its a medium coverage foundation but is buildable. I really like the finish and wear-ability of this foundation it leaves my skin looking floorless and I wouldnt say it lasts 14 hours but its pretty close as my skin still looks good after a 8 hour day at work.

3. Maybeline Dream Lumitouch Highlighting concealer in soft ivory.
I use this under my eyes to cover my eye bags and to highlight my under eyes and round my nose and anywhere that I want highlighting. I like this for under my eyes as I find it doesnt crease as easily as some other concealers such as the collection lasting perfection.

4.Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in fair.
This is a really good coverage concealer I like this for covering my blemishes and for anywhere I feel I need extra coverage.

5. Primark Palette Brown Eyeshadow.
This palette was only £2.50 and the colours are really pigmented and creamy I love this brown shade for my eyebrows it works really well and is long lasting just what I need when I'm doing my brows.

6. Maybeline Colour Tattoo 24hr Cream Shadow in Pink Gold.
This is my go to eye shade its so quick and easy and lasts all day. I simply apply this all over my lid and blend it out and thats it.

6. Clinique Quad Eye-shadow.
I like to use the pink colour (strawberry fudge) just to blend over the maybeline colour tattoo just to set it in place especially for those days when I am working just to seal in the colour.

7. Eyeko Skinny Mini Eye Liner Pen.
This is probably the best eye-liner pen I have ever used it just doesn't budge, I've often found that over the course of the day my eyeliner transfers on to my lids with my eyes being quite hooded but this one really doesn't. A stars for this one.

8. Benefit They're Real!
I've spoken about this product before in a previous post but this is my go to mascara I love it!

9. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder- Transparent 001
I cant actually think if I used this in the video or not but I do generally use a little of this just over my t zone and anywhere i get a bit shiney and under my eyes just to set everything.

10. Bourjois Bronsing Powder- 52
I use this to contour my face so on my cheeks, temples and forehead to add more definition to my face. It a really good bronzer, Its not too orange toned on my skin and it smells really nice too.

11. Body Collection Blush Quad.
I use the lighter shade in this quad for blush as I find pink toned blushers make me look strange and this one is a bit more natural on me. Its not a bad blush its quite pigmented for a budget brand.

12. Collection Fix Me Up Make-up Spray.
I simply use this to set my make-up just so it lasts longer and stays looking fresh all day.

13. Home-made Lip Tarre
I love having a bold lip at the moment and this stuff is amazing and so simple to make I found how to make it on  you tube via ThePrinceOfVanity's video . It lasts really well on the lips and is quite glossy but can be made more matte using a lip pencil underneath. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and video please subscribe and follow for more from me and until next time.


Saturday, 7 September 2013

Weekly Nail Routine.

Hey-ho Twiddly Peeps,

So I've recently been trying to keep to a weekly nail routine to keep my nails looking strong and healthy. For years I used to bite my nails and they were always really weak and used to break all the time so I wanted to start looking after my nails, so this is how I take care of my nails...

Step 1.
Firstly I make sure my hands are nice and clean so I'll usually give myself a manicure after I've been in the bath.

Step 2.
Next up is sorting out my cuticles, for this I use the Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover which is a really awesome product you put it on your cuticles and it more or less dissolves them in a matter of seconds. Then all you need do is push them back with a orange stick after a about 20 second.

Step 3.
For me, even once I've used the cuticle remover I like to go back in with a pair of cuticle clippers and just remove any loose bits and tidy up my cuticles if they need it, and then push them back again using the orange stick.
At this point I'll give my hands a quick wash just to clean them up again.

Step 4.
Is trimming my nails, I like my nail short and squared so I use a straight nail clipper mine is an acrylic nail cutter but I find it the best for trimming my nails it also means my nails are all the same length. Once my nails are trimmed I give them a quick file so there's no sharp edges and just to neaten them up.

Step 5.
So now my nails are shaped and filed I give them a wipe down with a cotton pad soaked with nail varnish remover to dehydrate the nail in preparation for painting them. Now what ever colour I'm painting my nails I always use a nail treatment my favourite has to be O.P.I Nail Envy, but I also use the Sally Hansen continuous growth treatment.

Now my nails are prepped and primed ready for me to paint them pretty colours.

Ok so thats basically all I do with my nails. Hope this post gave you some tips on how to keep your nails pretty.