Thursday, 8 August 2013

Review: Dirty Works. "Good Clean Fun!!!"

Hey-Ho Tweedly-Peeps!!

I'm back today with a review post for y'all, so I was in sainsburys the other week and spotted they're dirty works range and felt I had to try them as one of the scrubs I picked up smelt so much like Soap & Glory's Flake awake. I picked a few things from the range and I've been using them for about a month or so now. So I thought I would share my views on the products I've used.

 Firstly Just to say the packaging for all these products reminds me of Soap & Glory apart from the fact they're blue not pink but they still have that vintage look to them that I associate with S&G.
So on with the products.

  1. Glow Girl Buttery Salt Scrub £4.99  300ml
    Smooth your skin from top to toe with this moisturising and exfoliating scrub!

This product reminds me so much of the S&G flake away body scrub it smells practically the same and has almost the same texture although I would say the dirty works scrub is slightly finer. This product smells amazing it has a really sweet sugary smell which makes you want to eat it (don't though cause that's not a good idea!). Its a really great scrub in my opinion as its full of fine particles so its easier to work into your skin and it doesn't leave it feeling tight afterwards. I really enjoy using this product when I'm in the shower not so much in the bath as it can leave your bath feeling sandy when you wash it off. I think its really good value for your money as I know the flake away is about £10-12 for the same size pot.

  1. Supreme Cream Body Butter £4.99  300ml.
    With Shea butter and sweet almond oil. Your skin will feel super soft and utterly divine!

I'm going to admit I've never been a huge fan for the smell of Shea butter but I really like the smell of this again it has that almost sweet perfume smell to it, it reminds me of something but I’ll be damned if I can actually think of what though. For a body butter this one is really good quality its thick but a little goes a hell if a long way if you ask me. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and smelling delicious. Its one of those body butters you can put on and it soaks into your skin leaving it soft and not greasy at all, it doesn't leave a residue on your skin so its good for if your in a hurry and have to get dressed quickly without having to work about it ruining your clothes. Again this is a really great value product for the amount you get for your money.

  1. Pore-fect Face Scrub £3.32 125ml
    The big reveal! Gently foaming exfoliating face scrub to help revitalise dull and tired skin. With a cooling effect for instant awakening!

I LOVE THIS FACE SCRUB!! Ok I have to admit this is my favourite face scrub I've tried before its awesome! It smells Amazing like vics vapour rub and tropical chewitts (odd combo I know!) but it has that very mentholly smell with fruity undertones, it really does wake you up and refreshes your skin. I've found you can use this 2 ways 1, apply it straight to your skin as a scrub to get rid of any nasty crap your face is hiding and 2, lathered up for a more gentle cleanse. I'll usually do 1 then 2 just to give my skin a good old clean. This stuff leaves my face feeling so clean and soft and since using it I'd say my skin looks a lot better than it did before using this.

  1. Vitamin C Brightening Mask £3.32  100ml
    Infuse your skin with the power of Vitamin C! The deep exfoliation face mask will reveal brighter, fresher and all round brilliant skin.”

Anything that's going to help my skin look brighter than it normally is is worth a try in my eyes as I have quite dull sallow skin so I like some thing that can make me look more alive, this is also really good on my oily areas as I've noticed after using this my skin doesn't get so greasy as with other products. I like to use this after a shower so my pores are opened from the steam and it can really get to work its more like a thick scrub than a mask but I like to put a generous layer all over y face and leave it a few minutes then massage it into my skin with a little water then rinse it off. This does again smell really nice as all the dirty works products do and this one is a very fruity citrus smell. I just genuinely like the way my face feels after using this product.

  1. Gently Does It Face Wipes £1.99 25 Wipes
    Gentle and effective cleansing to remove make-up and impurities in one simple step.

I go through face wipes like there's no tomorrow and always use them to take my make-up of before washing my face. These ones are really thick and a good size and they take all my make-up off pretty easily (not that I wear a lot of it) They just do what they're ment to and have no problems removing my mascara which is usually a hard job for most of the wipes I've used in the past. They're not too wet or too dry that they don't leave my skin feeling grose, my skin just feels clean and smooth.

  1. Bye-Bye! Dark Circles Concealer £3.32 2 x 4.5g
    Conceal those dark circles with this cute and compact camouflage cram duo- the perfect beauty fix!

Ok, so this is a duel concealer you have a pinky tone to cancel out grey and a peach tone to brighten under your eyes, I tend to suffer from dark circles so I had to try this the formula is very creamy and blend able and you can mix the shades to get the best colour for your skin tone which kind of takes the hard work out of trying to find a under eye concealer in my shade I really like this product I use a brush to pack on the product then blend it out with either me finger or blending brush which ever's easier (usually fingers) then powder over to set it as my concealer has a habit of creasing no mater what I do, I think I need a better primer if I'm honest but anyway that's not the point. I find it has a good coverage and lasts really well on me. The packaging is really compact and easy to use and is secure enough so you don't need to worry bout it coming open in your make-up bag.

  1. You Soft Touch Hand Cream £2.99 100ml
All you need for silky soft hands! With moisturising Cocoa Butter and Jojoba Oil

I love my hand creams and constantly use them but I hate ones that take forever to soak in or leave my hands greasy especially if I'm doing things that involve my hands like writing or typing. With this you really don't need a lot and it soaks in really quickly and leaves my hands feeling really soft and again it like all the others smells amazing and yes I'm one of those weirdos who sits and smells their hands every time I put cream on them. Even though it claims to be an intensive moisturiser I wouldn't say its not one that you cant use through out the day in fact I'd actively encourage it as it leaves my hands feeling so soft and smooth.

Right-o then to sum up basically I would buy all of these again, they smell amazing and work great. I'm not sure if all sainsburys stock these nor if they are available from anywhere else but they do have a web site which will probably give you a better idea of where to find them near you or even to order online. I would also say that if you like Soap & Glory but dont feel you can afford to spend £10 on one item I'd definitely check these out as I said they do seem rather similar and have very similar kinds of products but I've not really used enough S&G products to say yes these are the same or even really compare them against each other all I will say is that I like them all and if you want to try them I would cause they're great value for money and really good product. OK this is turning into a really long post so I will stop waffling and go do something less productive like sleep hehehe...



Friday, 2 August 2013

I'm moving!!

Hey ho tweedly peeps.

 As some of you who follow me on Instagram and twitter will know I'm moving this weekend. I thought I'd just apologize for the lack of posts this last month I've been really pre-occupied with work and packing and stuff so I am really sorry but don't worry I will be back on it like a car bonnet (never really under stood that myself if I'm honest) but rest assured there you will be seeing more from me as soon as I'm moved and sorted in my new home. Ill also have my own little nook to make videos too so keep an eye out for those too.

Ok best get off as I'm doing far too much procrastinating and my craps not going to pack itself