Monday, 6 May 2013

May Payday Want List!

Hey-ho Tweedly-peeps,
So Payday might be some time away but I've already got my eye on some pretty things that I'm pretty sure will be mine when that all important day comes along...
So on my want list are...

Firstly is the gorgeous black and coral Aztec print midi dress from eBay I think its so pretty and I really want some midi skirts/dresses to wear in the warmer weather and think this one would be ideal, My only hesitation    about midis is my legs but as long as I don't look down who gives a crap right?

Next Is the beautiful Zara Office City Bag and well why wouldn't a girl need this bag its amazing!!! (No, I'm not putting the link on for this otherwise you'll all go buy it so it will be sold out when I finally get paid!!)

I've also been eyeing up a mustache t-shirt also from eBay basic I know but I really like this one it has folded sleeves and I think it will look really nice and casual.

Lastly is this super cute studded collared shirt again from eBay, I know its a problem I have. Although its a sleeveless shirt its not put me off as I think it will look super cute with leggings maybe a blazer or even dressed down with a denim shirt and either my spiked pumps or white converse. I'm not too sure yet...

So there you go these are just some of the pretty things that are burning a hole in my pay packet before I've even earned it. 
till next time


  1. Love your comment about your legs and not looking down! I need to try thinking that - I'm paranoid about my lower legs.

    Loving the dress and the shirts. x x

    1. lol thanks hun, I'm paranoid about my legs as I have to wear a support bandage which is not the prettiest of things but I love midi dresses and as long as I cant see it I hopefully wont be so conscious about it.