Saturday, 18 May 2013

Marvellous creations?....

Hey ho tweedly peeps, 

Today I'm going to blog about something very close to my heart, chocolate. I'm sure everyone has seen the new marvellous creation chocolate bars from Cadburys well I was keen to try them out as I'd heard people raving about them and well I felt it my duty to share my thoughts on them with you guys. That and it stops me feeling quite go guilty about eating almost 2 200g bars of chocolate. 
On a recent trip to Morrison's I noticed these bars were Half price so only £1.49. I decided to pick both varieties up.
So to start off the cookie nut crunch and well to be frank I'm not rather taken with it there's nothing super special about it it's just chocolate with biscuit and nuts and that's it.

The jelly popping candy shells one on the other hand left my mouth tingling literally the whole idea of this combo seems completely wrong but the variety of textures and the fruity ness of the jellybeans complements the chocolate so well it's a really refreshing taste of chocolate. Some chocolate bars leave you feeling sickly afterwards this one not so much and the popping sensation lasts ages afterwards I'm really tempted to get some more while they're on offer to make some marvellous creation cookies... I imagine they will be super yummy and probably hugely calorific!

So I'm now going to try and work off some of this chocolate with a quick run ( round skyrim)
Til next time


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  2. am dying to taste the jelly popping candy one! x

    1. you should seems to be on offer in most places I've seen it x