Saturday, 18 May 2013

Marvellous creations?....

Hey ho tweedly peeps, 

Today I'm going to blog about something very close to my heart, chocolate. I'm sure everyone has seen the new marvellous creation chocolate bars from Cadburys well I was keen to try them out as I'd heard people raving about them and well I felt it my duty to share my thoughts on them with you guys. That and it stops me feeling quite go guilty about eating almost 2 200g bars of chocolate. 
On a recent trip to Morrison's I noticed these bars were Half price so only £1.49. I decided to pick both varieties up.
So to start off the cookie nut crunch and well to be frank I'm not rather taken with it there's nothing super special about it it's just chocolate with biscuit and nuts and that's it.

The jelly popping candy shells one on the other hand left my mouth tingling literally the whole idea of this combo seems completely wrong but the variety of textures and the fruity ness of the jellybeans complements the chocolate so well it's a really refreshing taste of chocolate. Some chocolate bars leave you feeling sickly afterwards this one not so much and the popping sensation lasts ages afterwards I'm really tempted to get some more while they're on offer to make some marvellous creation cookies... I imagine they will be super yummy and probably hugely calorific!

So I'm now going to try and work off some of this chocolate with a quick run ( round skyrim)
Til next time

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Haul Times...

Hey-ho tweedly peeps,

Have I got a treat for you....
I thought I would share with you some of my recent purchases so I made a little haul video for you  which you can watch here.

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Saturday, 11 May 2013


Hey ho tweedly peeps.
Yes guys my very first outfit if the day post and here it is...

This is a beautiful dress and I've dressed it down with a denim shirt ( pinched off my fella), black leggings (sainsbury's), brown handbag (primark) and some white converse style high tops (eBay). The dress is also from eBay.
 I love midi dresses but was unsure about whether or not they'd suit me but I'm so glad I got my hands on this one. I love the pattern and colour, I'm huge coral fan. It was a toss between this one and an Aztec print one but when I posted a pic on instagram and Facebook this one got the most love.
Although I think I might end up with both I actually featured the Aztec print in my may payday wish list post.
I found this outfit so comfortable and have been told it looked really nice by my very fashionable little sister, Maddie, so I'm happy with that. Oh and the fella really liked it too and said I looked beautiful *blushes*. 
So for now 

Monday, 6 May 2013

May Payday Want List!

Hey-ho Tweedly-peeps,
So Payday might be some time away but I've already got my eye on some pretty things that I'm pretty sure will be mine when that all important day comes along...
So on my want list are...

Firstly is the gorgeous black and coral Aztec print midi dress from eBay I think its so pretty and I really want some midi skirts/dresses to wear in the warmer weather and think this one would be ideal, My only hesitation    about midis is my legs but as long as I don't look down who gives a crap right?

Next Is the beautiful Zara Office City Bag and well why wouldn't a girl need this bag its amazing!!! (No, I'm not putting the link on for this otherwise you'll all go buy it so it will be sold out when I finally get paid!!)

I've also been eyeing up a mustache t-shirt also from eBay basic I know but I really like this one it has folded sleeves and I think it will look really nice and casual.

Lastly is this super cute studded collared shirt again from eBay, I know its a problem I have. Although its a sleeveless shirt its not put me off as I think it will look super cute with leggings maybe a blazer or even dressed down with a denim shirt and either my spiked pumps or white converse. I'm not too sure yet...

So there you go these are just some of the pretty things that are burning a hole in my pay packet before I've even earned it. 
till next time

My April Favorites.

Hey-ho tweedly peeps,

Yes I know its now May but I wanted to share with you some of the things I've been loving through April. So here they are...

So last Month I've been mainly loving: Rimmel Apocalips in Nude Eclipse, 17 Miracle Matte Foundation in Soft Ivory, L'Oreal Elvive Nutra Gloss Lite Shampoo & Conditioner and Maybelline Color show in Pow Green.

So to wards the end of March I ran out of my Herbal Essence Fresh Balance Shampoo and Conditioner and     have to confess it was a bad time for my hair I really wasn't happy without it but then my little sister Maddie, recommended these to me as she'd used them when she was at my mums and she really liked them. She said they left her hair soft and grease free for longer which for me is always a good selling point as my hair is atrocious at getting greasy easily. I just had to try them, I found these in my local Tesco and they were on off buy one get one free so I picked these up and also some more of the herbal essence, but I decided to try these out and wowser! I'm hooked they are truly incredible. I'd tried nutragloss before (the original one) and that did nothing for my hair, but these leave my hair feeling so soft and clean and it smells amazing I love it and will definitely be getting it again, although probably when its on offer as its about £3 each in most places.

All you make-up lovers will probably already be familiar with the MUA heaven and earth palette as its been boasted as a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette. I really like this and at only £4 from super-drug you cant really go wrong. I love the pigmentation of the shadows and they wear really well with minimal creasing I tend to use the top left colour as a base on my lid then choose any of the darker shades for my crease depending on my mood, I've also started lazily using it for my brows so I don't need to carry so much make up with me and I generally go for the dark brown bottom right for my brows. I couldn't tell you how it compares to the Urban Decay naked palette as I've never tried it but personally I prefer the packaging to this one I hear alot of complaints about the naked one on reviews but this is really nice a plastic case that's slim-line and doesn't take up too much space in my make-up bag.

I have to admit I loved this polish before I'd even tried it, I saw a OOTD post by LLYMLRS where she was wearing this colour and I was mesmerized by it and had wanted it since then, so when I found out that my wife (melody-moo-nails) had just bought it for £2 in Asda I knew I had to have it. I finally got my hands on it in Boots for £2.99 but it was 2 for 1 so that wasn't so bad. This is a really nice neon green and it goes on really nicely and lasts a good couple of days before chipping. I tend to get alot of compliments  when I wear this colour as it is quite an unusual colour.

Again a familiar product if you read alot of beauty blogs is this the Rimmel Apocalips, I have mine in Nude Eclipse which is a really nice peachy toned nude colour hence the name but I've really been enjoying wearing the neutral lip recently and this is a great drugstore product. Its a really thick formulated lacquer great pigmentation and is quite long lasting I don't think its as long lasting as some of the other shades in the range but it is really nice, smells like cucumbers too...


Lastly then for my April favorites is the 17 Miracle Matte Foundation which I love its just a great foundation and I've done a full review of this product which you can read by clicking here. Now I've been using this pretty much everyday and I cant find a fault with it and it is starting to run-out which is slightly saddening me a little, but I will be definitely repurchasing it when its life has been depleted.

thanks for reading 

New header

Hey go tweedly peeps,

So what do we think to the new swanky header for my blog, personally I really like it and am pretty pleased with how it's turned out.
I've always wondered how people get such cool headers on they're blogs and I was reading a blog by something swanky about headers and also in there it had some useful sites to use so I thought I'd have a go for myself and this is what I came up with pretty neat don't you think OK so for this header I used and to create it. And then with some help from the video was able to add the coding so I can have this swanky new header. Also decided to add a cute little footer for my blog posts with a little tash.

Well if your a blogger and have checked this post out and its inspired you to make your own header leave a link in the comments as i'd be very interested to see what you guys come up with
til next time