Wednesday, 27 March 2013

the browvolution

I've had many styles of brows over the years, some bad, some good for a long time I didn't fill in my brows and when I first started they were pretty rubbish. My natural brows have always been really thin and I must admit I am guilty of having over plucking them and also when I was younger even shaving them off.

Its only been the last year or so that I've taken more time over my brows and have started to try grow them back. I wanted to share with you guys my browvolution (brow evolution). I'm no makeup artist but I like doing makeup. I think I've gotten better over time, and hope to continue improving and to share my knowledge with you guys.

So just for you here is my "browvolution"...

My  natural brows (before i started filling them in)....

when I started filling in my brows they were thin and over plucked and very drawn in....
My brows now... A lot fuller and look more natural I think...
As I said I've been trying to grow my brows and I use L'Oreal lash renewal serum on them twice a day to help them grow, I've also stopped plucking them so much.

To fill them in I use Revlon's vital radiance brow powder on a small angled brush to add more definition to them then lightly go over them with a clear mascara, and a brown mascara (I use the 2 True instant colour mascara, as it has a small wand, great for doing brows) to add colour to the hairs.

So there you have it my browvolution, thanks for reading and have a great day.
Byee x

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