Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Random facts about me...

Hey guys so I've noticed that Alot of my favourite bloggers have been doing this kind of post so I thought I would share with you some random facts about me too, enjoy...
I'm left handed and often have my paper upside down when I write.
I used to have pink hair.
I hate not having my nails painted or having chipped nails.
I don't like listening to my own voice.
I try not to drink alcohol as I don't like being drunk or hangovers (as they make me eat a lot of crap).
I'm not a morning person.
I don't like tea, unless its Lancashire tea ( sorry Yorkshire).
I like one direction.
I have 3 tattoos, 1 on my neck, 1 on my wrist and a finger tache.
I have stretched ears that are currently 16 mm.
I love the smell of frying onions.
I love horror movies, the gorier the better.
My favourite film is black Xmas.
I don't like watching things more than once.
I don't have a favourite colour although if I had to choose it would be pink.
I suffer with anxiety and depression.
I always wear leggings but I hate my legs.
I have size 9 feet.
I don't like surprises.
My favourite tv shows are ncis and archer.
I don't like Disney films. And haven't watched a Harry potter or twilight film.
I have 3 none ear piercings.
I'm obsessed with Instagram. (@tashprew).
I've never found my perfect handbag.
I wish I had more nail varnishes ( I have 76).
And those are my random facts, thanks for reading.
Byee xo