Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Nails on a budget

So christmas has been and gone and left us all poorer than normal, well there is a cheap treat to get you through for payday. George quick dry nail varnish there a pound and they're awesome I love a good cheap nail polish and there are some. Pretty good ones about but these ones are really good, and they have a a good range of colours I these are some I picked up... Hope you like them too
Byee xo

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Nicky Clarke desired hair straightners review

Hey guys,
This year for Christmas my little brother and his girlfriend got me some new straighteners and well to be honest I don't usually straighten my hair as I rarely have time and its pretty straight naturally, but for New Year's Eve I decided to give them ago and have a more clean cut look about my hair so I got them out and gave them ago. With it being a night out I didn't have time to dry my hair naturally so I washed it using my herbal essence fresh balance shampoo an conditioner and added some Moroccan argon oil to the ends, before drying it with a hair dryer and then set about straightening it.
The straighteners them selves are a gorgeous red colour and are very sleek they have 4 heat setting depending on your hair type, so there's one for fine hair, medium, thick and a max setting, I used the max setting as my hairs thick even though I don't have a lot so it looks thin ( thanks to hair lose when I was younger). Within about 5 seconds they were ready to go and they did an amazing job on my hair and my hair stayed straight all night, I know most people's does but mine never has, it felt so soft and smooth it was really nice and I got so many compliments on my hair, I can officially say I love them and would recommend them to you guys. I don't know where they got them from as try were a present but I think they retail at about 69.99 but don't quote me in they and I'm sure you could find them cheaper. All in all the desired hair straighteners did a great job on my awkward hair they didn't make it oily and the hair stayed straight and I had a awesome night and I hope you guys did too.
Byee xo

Happy new year!!

I hope you all had an amazing Xmas and a good new year, I was out like a bad'un drinking :( and now am trying to recover. But I want to do a little post to thank you to you all for reading my blog and your support it means the world to me.
As last night was a night out I thought I'd do a nye ootd and show you guys what I wore. Hope you like it
Byee xo
Dress: eBay
Cardigan: primark
Leggings: sainsbury's
Boots: eBay

rimmel wake me up foundation in ivory
natural collection pressed powder in warm
Generic brow pencil
2 faced mascara in brown
Fcuk eye shadow (from a mates palette)