Saturday, 3 November 2012

My zombie adventure

Hey, so one of the last posts I did was Halloween, which was about the Yorkshire scare grounds and I just wanted to say it was awesome. I was in fact one of the zombies and I loved every minute of it although I am now very happy it's over as being a zombie does kinda take it out of you, the last 2 weeks prior to Halloween have been some of the hardest night of my life, I have to say standing out in the cold is not something I enjoy doing and my feet have still not forgiven me for the experience but bugger me it was fun, and I've made some amazing friends doing it so always a bonus I guess, but I'm now happy to be snuggled up in my pjs with a yummy hot choccy.
I wasn't just giving out the scares oh no, me and my lovely wifey Mel got the chance to go round it aswell and boy was it scary a lot of it was in the dark in narrow spaces but it was so much fun, I wasn't as scared as Mel was as I knew all the cast but she pooed her pants while we went round and insisted on trying to hide in my jumper which just made my fellow zombies scare her even more, but it was such a good night and I can't wait for next years as I loved it. so that was my halloween but please leave me a comment if you went to ysg or just to let me know what you did this Halloween. Loadsa hugs and loves
Byee xo

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