Saturday, 1 September 2012

new nails!!!

hey guys so just wanted to share with you my latest nail art i've done. I think this is so cute and a twist on the classic manicure. i love it.
heres how i did it
1. base coat your nails and then paint with which ever colour you want im using BarryM in mushroom
2. once dry i've used BarryM's crackle polish on one nail to give me a statement nail.
3. tip your nails with a different colour nail varnish im just using a black polish and you can get guides to help you get the french manicure look.
4. For my little finger ive gone with a half-moon manicure which i think goes really well and looks super cool.
then 5. give your nails a top coat with some clear varnish and vwala super awesome nails.

give it a go and feel free to post your attempt and comments below i'd love to see them.
huge love to you all xxx

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