Sunday, 23 September 2012

My yellow Button...

So I carry this yellow button around with me in my purse, weird I know, but it has special meaning to me.
Ok so the story of the yellow button. When I was a little girl I used to love watching Button Moon and ever since then it always reminded me of my daddy who passed away when i was 10. When ever i'm down I watch button moon and a couple of months ago it was my Birthday and i was really missing my ad and I found a book "Tina's Birthday" which is from Button Moon and it made me cry thinking of when my dad used to read it to me. then about a month or so ago, I was feeling really blue i had alot of stuff on my mind and I saw this button on the floor. I just thought it was so unusual to find a yellow button like this one so i picked it up and it made me think of my dad. So now i carry it with me at all times to remind me of the wonderful man that was my daddy...

Stephen Prew, My daddy
I still miss him even after 18 years, Its so hard to get over someone who ment more to you than anything ever could. I would never wish anyone to go through the pain of losing someone like their daddy its the worst feeling ever and if you've lost your dad or anyone close to you, ALWAYS remember they love you and they'll find a way to show you like my daddy did

Hugs to everyone out there
Byee xo

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