Tuesday, 28 August 2012

ombre nails

Hey guys so i've just had a go at another on of my favorite looks for nails at the moment, i'm loving the ombre nails so much right now so i thought i'd give them ago.
heres how i got this look:
1. base coat your nails and then paint white i used 2 coats of white.
2. Draw lines of your chosen nail varnish on some paper, i found this easier than painting it on to the sponge.

3. Dip your make-up sponge in the nail varnish and then place it on your nails and  repeat until you've done all your nails. you'll need to remove any excess nail varnish from your skin, using a cotton bud and some remover.

4. Add a clear top coat and your ombre look nails are complete i used these , Barry M nail varnishes in bright purple and cyan blue.

Well thats my ombre look I hope you like it and dont forget to post your attempts in the comment box i'd love to see them till next time. I love you all xx

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